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Gambler's Insurance thru First Fidelity Online Casino - Online Sportsbook


With an initial deposit, or a subsequent deposit, of $500 or more, you qualify for our Gambler's Insurance Program.


$500-$999 Free Play equal to 15% of your net losses back 2x a year.
$1,000+ Free play equal to 25% of your net losses back 2x a year.

The Periods

.The first Net Loss Bonus is given shortly after the Super Bowl.
.The second bonus is given on August 1.


- 10 weeks of action in the specific Net Loss Bonus period.
A week of action is defined as a minimum of one bet in a particular week.
If your initial deposit didn't qualify for Gambler's Insurance just deposit $500+ at anytime and you're entered into the program for life. When you deposit $1,000 or more your return on your Gambler's Insurance goes up to 25% twice a year. That means even if your initial deposit was less than $1,000, any deposit you make of $1,000 or more moves you into the 25% category.

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