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Lose two straight wagers by a half point and within a 30 day period and you’ll qualify for the Bad Beat Special. Players who qualify for this promo are entitled to a free play equivalent to your losing bet. If you think you qualify please send an email with BAD BEAT in the subject line to: customerservice@wager7.eu indicating the ticket numbers of the games and dates that the half point loss took place on. Once we verify the info, a free play will be posted to the player’s account.


  • Identical wagers do not qualify regardless of the amount wagered. Only applies to straight bets on full games (NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and NBA only).

  • The free play is for the risk amount only.

  • The lesser risk amount of the wagers will be paid.

  • Maximum free play amount is $250.

  • Does not apply for a half point on or off an NFL or NCAA Football spread of 3.

If you have any questions contact us by email customerservice@wager7.eu or call us at 877-946-6697.

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